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 my hometown

  my hometown is lhasa, the largest city on the roof of the world. it is the heart and soul of tibet. i think lhasa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. it is surrounded by towering mountains and rarely a day goes by when you don’ t see the deep blue sky. lhasa river is flowing quietly around the city.

  lhasa is the mixture of tradition and fashion.

  firstly, lhasa has a long history. it is the political, cultural and economic center of tibet. it has lots of famous sights to offer. the potala palace is the most famous, a magnificent and wonderful place to look at. in my opinion it is a unique artistic achievement of the tibetan people. likewise, the architecture, carvings and paintings throughout the city show hard work, wisdom and bravery of our people.

  secondly, led by the reforming and opening policy of china, lhasa has changed a lot. many new things have arrived up here, changing the face of the city. the old and new lie side by side in lhasa.

  many new buildings, schools and roads have been built here. furthermore, the qing—zang railway leading to lhasa is being built. many shopping centers have been opened, and modern technology like telecommunications is spreading. the whole city looks prosperous, and our tibetan people take on a new look. every festival, people walk around freely on the new, wide and smooth streets, wearing the beautiful traditional costumes.

  right now, i am looking forward to a festival called shodün which comes in june for eating yoghurt. at this time, all my family and i gather for a picnic together at the norbulinka, a famous garden. in the garden, we sing tibetan songs, dance “guo zhuang” on the grass; eat zanba, drink butter tea and barley beer on the beautiful carpet as well. we enjoy our life. i think that this festival exhibits the open-minded and optimistic character of the tibetan people.

  finally, “i love my hometown. i love the people in my hometown.”.

  thank you.








  现在我正期待着雪顿节的到来,这个节日在六月初,是一个吃酸奶的节日,当这个节日到来的时候,我和我的家人、朋友聚在一起在有名的公园—“罗布林卡” 里面野餐。我们在草地上一起唱藏歌,跳锅庄舞;踏着美丽的藏式地毯吃糌粑、喝酥油茶和青稞酒,享受我们幸福的生活,我认为这个节日展示了西藏人民开朗、乐观的性格。




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