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 the meaning of honor

  the word honor is often associated with admirable career success, brilliant academic achievement, great social contribution and high position.

  when speaking of honor, one has images like yang li-wei, jackie chen or learned scholars like the honorable judges here. it is true that these people are worthy of admiration. but how about those who are around us, who contributes to the society in different ways, completing their everyday task with devotions but remain unknown? are they far from honor? should they only clap hands for the people on the stage? shouldn’t they also deserve respect from us? i don’t think so.

  honor wears different coats to different eyes. i would like to take miss zhang, a primary school teacher, for example. she has been teaching english for more than 30 years. countless students have learnt the first english letter from her and become interested in this language because of her enlightenment. so many years have passed and miss zhang is still an ordinary primary school teacher without any prize, flowers or honorable titles but in my eyes she is the very person who deserve honor and respect. every time i stand on the winner’s box, i couldn’t help thinking of miss zhang. i owe my success in english and my gratitude to her.

  just as alexander pope said: act well your part, there all honor lies. honor can be found in our every day life and belongs to you, to me and to every ordinary person.



  人们一提起荣誉,首先会想到那些干出一番轰轰烈烈的事业,那些做出过巨大贡献,或者是地位显赫的人。例如杨利伟、成龙等,或者是在座的教授、评委们。是的,他们都享有盛誉,都应该受人尊重。但同时, 我也不会忘记在我们身边还有许许多多默默耕耘、爱岗敬业、甘于奉献,却又默默无闻的人们。




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